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Our Services

Memory Care - Specializing in helping residents with cognitive limitations
Long-Term Care - Specializing in caring for residents with fragile physical conditions who are no longer able to live independently.
Short Term Rehabilitation - Focusing upon short-term rehabilitation. Rehabilitation Services - This dedicated team of professionals accomplish their mission by working with physicians, facility staff and family members to develop a resident-centered plan of care designed to maximize the ability of each person in order for them to function as independently as possible. Rehabilitation services are available 7-days a week.
Palliative Care - Working with the primary treatment palliative care is used to prevent and ease suffering and improve quality of life.
Music & Memory Program - Inspired by the national network (, Pilgrim Place volunteers provide personalized music players to residents in the Health Services Center and campus-wide who are dealing with a wide range of health issues (e.g., dementia, chronic pain, rehab issues, in-hospice care, grieving the loss of a spouse). With people living with dementia, this music therapy taps into deep memories not lost to the disease, and can enable otherwise withdrawn people to feel like themselves again, to converse, socialize, and stay present. 
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