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Our Culture

Merged into many rituals and practices at Pilgrim Place are themes of service to each other, support of local and global peace, advocacy for social justice efforts and a passion for environmental stewardship. Intentional acts of service, friendship and activism are at the core of our ethos. Underpinning all of this is a commitment to racial, sexual and religious diversity.


Pilgrim Place residents seek to live simply and to respect the earth. Residents actively participate in the city recycling and use alternative resources for soft plastic, batteries and medications. Compost bins in both community gardens receive vegetable scraps. Garden plots are available to residents. One hundred-plus fruit trees are pruned by a resident group. Produce from fruit trees and individual gardens is sold weekly to residents at very modest prices. Water and electric usage is closely monitored in an effort to conserve.

Since 2017 Pilgrim Place has installed over 2,200 solar panels.

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