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Pilgrim Place Docks Mayflower Ship Logo

For more than two decades Pilgrim Place has been represented by the Mayflower Ship as its logo. The logo represents, for us, life’s journey, often to new lands, in pursuit of a better tomorrow. Yet, at the same time, it recalls a past that is being reinterpreted today.

On September 28, 2023, the Pilgrim Place Board of Directors decided to move forward with a new logo determined by popular vote.

The decision was made after the entire community–residents, staff, and Directors – embarked on a series of discussions and conducted an image assessment for Pilgrim Place. An outside consultant led the large and small group exercises that helped the community discuss resident culture and ways to better engage the outside community.

VP of Advancement and Community Engagement Dianna Fisher reflects on the findings. “The Mayflower ship will be forever endeared by our community. It served us well. Many of our past and current residents have direct or indirect lineage to those who arrived on the Mayflower. In our discussions, it became clear that we have evolved beyond the colonial representation of Pilgrims. We are pilgrims of a new day. We live together as a community diverse in our faiths, orientations, and abilities. We journey forward with purpose and share mutual passions as advocates for social and civic justice, and environmental sustainability.”

The new Pilgrim Place logo will begin to phase into communication throughout the campus as signage, uniforms, name badges as the globe and ship logos phase out by Spring 2024.

Our logo may have changed, but the goals, vision, and mission of Pilgrim Place have not – we continue our good work for better tomorrows.

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