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A Message from Odie Tollefson, VP, Human Resources

Updated: Feb 29

Speaking Each Other's Language

In 2023, Pilgrim Place implemented the use of Personality Lingo through our existing partnership with Monarch Pathways.

Monarch Pathways has been assisting the staff of Pilgrim Place to achieve our vision to be the best place to work and best place to live.

Ongoing workshops and sessions introduced Personality Lingo to our staff, and the results have been positively received and beneficial in improving workplace environments.

Personality Lingo is a relationship builder. It has been a fun, easy guide for identifying personality styles and gaining insights as to why people act with certain behaviors.

Staff is learning not only about their own personality traits, but also how to enhance communication, reduce conflicts, and better understand our behaviors with different personality traits. As the training evolves it will allow staff to learn how to react to any circumstance or situation, by seeking better understanding of said circumstance or situation in order to help make better decisions while also encouraging healthy communication.

Staff has determined that we would like further training and development in this skill set. In 2024, the plan is to continue developing our knowledge and learn how to best work together:

•      Continued training in staff and department level workshops with Monarch Pathways

•      The implementation of the Personality Lingo quiz with new staff during their first

days of orientation

•      Stickers on name badges to help others identify communication styles

•      Discussion with resident leadership on piloting this among residents


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