Square Stage

72nd Virtual Festival

at Pilgrim Place - 2020

Since 1948 this two-day celebration has been a southern California tradition.  This celebration is planned and organized by residents of the community to benefit Pilgrim Place's Resident Health and Support Program (RHSP).
All proceeds provide financial support to those residents who have exhausted their
resources and/or assist with emergency and medical costs.
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Man selling paintings at Festival
Blue sewn quilt of a walrus

Festival Purpose

Festival Stories

The Quilt That Went Home


A quilter in the neighborhood saw a kit for a beautiful sea lion quilt. She ordered it, not realizing that it required a type of quilting that she does not normally do. Furthermore, with more than 50 tiny pieces—some no bigger than a nail clipping-- it was intricate and complicated. Disappointed, she donated the kit to Fabrications at Pilgrim Place. And that is when the story gets interesting...

Featured Booths

Featured Artisans

Ruth Brown

lived independently at Pilgrim Place for most of 20 years, but a few months ago Health Services Center became her home. Fellow residents know her as “the craft lady” because a visit to her old house...

Check out our Pottery Artisans Video!  See how those great pieces are made.

If you want to support this year's Resident Health and Support Program proceeds from being less than expected, please donate here.

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Metal sculpture of St. Francis with birds around outreached arms

Read some of the resident's Festival reflections. 

Adults and children riding a red train through the campus

Festival Reflections

Square Stage
Hand knit mint child's sweater


Colorful quilt with geometric shapes


Watercolor painting with blue, purple, and pink colors


Woven tapestry in rich brown color


Stain glass piece of art: sun and flower