Wish List

Pilgrim Place Wish List
Your donations and gifts will help us purchase the following items:

  1. 1 electric cart to transport less mobile residents around the campus ($4,500-5,000)
  2. 1 heavy duty carpet cleaner ($3,000-3,200)
  3. 1 industrial food processor ($800)
  4. 10 new flat screen TV’s for Health Services Center ($280-310 each)
  5. 10 standard wheelchairs ($150-250 each)
  6. 20 wireless headphones for TV sets at the Health Services Center ($45-60 each)

You can make a difference!

Your contribution will enhance the lives of Pilgrim Place residents and our friends living at the Health Services Center.  To make your donation, please contact the Development Office at 909-399-5513 or use our convenient online donation form.

Thank you for your support of Pilgrim Place!