In a community with as much action and service as ours, we may choose to turn down the volume and slow the pace to rest and restore our energy. We might settle into our favorite chair to read, or meander outdoors to be refreshed by the sounds and beauty of nature. Or, we may move into one of our intentional community settings where - according to African wisdom - our inner Spirit may catch up with our bodies.

               "slowly blooms the rose within; s l o w l y blooms the rose within" (sung chant)

        Honoring the Spirit Within

Contemplative Practices

  1. Silent and contemplative prayer
  2. Quaker silent worship
  3. Mindfulness meditation
  4. Contemplative writing
  5. Residents for peace vigil
  6. T'ai chi, Q'i Gong, and Yoga
  7. Interplay (playful mindful body movement and story sharing)

Deepening Our Understanding of the Divine

  1. Men and women's spirituality or prayer and study groups
  2. Residents' theology and spirituality papers
  3. Speakers and films on world spiritual and religious traditions
  4. Workshops


  1. Evening Vespers
  2. Sunday worship (assisted living and skilled nursing care accommodations)
  3. Interfaith silence and Eucharistic circle
  4. Women Church
  5. Taize worship
  6. Holden worship
  7. Order of St. Luke worship and meditation

"Bursting Rose" by Alicia Sheridan, chant by Fr. Thomas Hand SJ, all practices and worship led by residents.