Petterson Museum Exhibit

In November a new exhibit opened at the Petterson Museum of Intercultural Art at Pilgrim Place,  "Ceramic Inspirations: The Works, Influences and Legacies of Richard B. Petterson." The exhibit  runs through February 26, 2012 and includes over 150 ceramic pieces made by Mr. Petterson, his contemporaries, his teachers, and his students as well as works by American ceramicists he collected and historic and contemporary Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Latin American pieces that influenced   his work, most from his extensive personal collections.

The Petterson Museum of Intercultural Art is located at 730 Plymouth Road in Claremont, California at Pilgrim Place and is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.  Admission is free.

Richard B. Petterson, one of the founders of this museum, was a ceramic artist and professor of ceramics at the Claremont Colleges for many decades and also directed the Fine Arts Building at the Los Angeles County Fair for many years. His work is currently featured in several museum shows sponsored by the Getty’s Pacific Standard Time Project (AMOCA, the Huntington Library, etc.). Though the Petterson Museum is too small a venue to be included in the Getty events, our exhibit is in response to the same theme: the post-WWII California art lifestyle movement. Significantly, we are including works by his predecessors and major pieces from his extensive global collections in an attempt to show the artistic influences that informed his work and that of many of his contemporaries in the post WWII ceramics field. We have also included a few examples of styles he was consciously rejecting in his quest for ceramic inspiration.

Come and view the exhibit to be amazed at the range of pieces on display, including works by local artists such as Harrison McIntosh, Betty Davenport Ford, Paul Soldner, Rupert Deese and others, as well as artists like Marguerite Wildenhain, Antonio Prieto, Shoji Hamada and the Quezada family, all of whom Mr. Petterson brought to the Claremont/Pomona area during his long career.

Contact the Museum Curator by phone at 909-399-5544 or by email at: for a personal tour.