New Opportunities for Growth & Learning

Pilgrim Place Resourcing Services is now being launched as a new way of offering this community’s rich reservoir of experience and talent to individuals and institutions throughout Southern California. We believe that such individuals and institutions can be helped to address significant issues and opportunities facing them through contact with teams of Pilgrim Place residents having a pertinent set of experiences and skills. There will be a limited number of resourcing services offered (the four components are described below). The exact shape and time frame of each component will be planned in consultation with those who are to participate. No fees will be charged, but we shall expect expenses of the Pilgrim Place teaching teams to be covered by those participating.

Resourcing Services Offered – The Four Components
1. Our Personal Response to Global Warming: Shaping a Sustainable Future
2. Establishing a Program of Volunteer Patient Advocates
3. Mentoring for Creative Leadership
4. Making a Fresh Start bettween Israelis and Palestinians: The Way to Peace in the Middle East

For further information about any aspect of Pilgrim Place Resourcing Services,
please contact one of the following persons:

John Mills
Chair, PPRS Planning Group
(909) 621-5586

Janet & Ron Evans
Coordinators, PPRS Planning Group
(909) 447-0200