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Opening February 22:  "Between the Pages"


Plunge “between the pages” (and the clay tablets!) to explore the history and the art of writing and books.”



Writing is a uniquely human trait." Written language has allowed humans to track business transactions, to tell important cultural or religious stories, and to record history and changes in time.


Technology has improved our access to writing, and the technology of writing has blossomed from a quill or brush to commercial printing. Written language communicates information, and art and cultures of reading and writing have made written language a way of communicating beauty from colorful illuminated manuscripts to graceful calligraphy.


February 24, 2019 Chris Frausto, Mixed Media Artist




Chris, possessing a proclivity for found objects, oddities, botanical paraphernalia, and the unusual, incorporates the unexpected into found books. Finding it fun to place functional items into surprising places, to disrupt their intended use and end up with art, neatly presented in book form. Nearly 100% of objects utilized in her art are found (estate sales, yard sales, thrift stores, or simply laying in the street!)


When finding that one unusual "thing" she thinks about its possibilities and becomes inspired, which brings her to build an entire altered book around that one find. Her art is truly a reflection of our times: the demise of the book and the beauty of turning the pages.


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