Pilgrim Place is a vibrant residential senior community in Claremont, California.  Founded in 1915, Pilgrim Place originally served as “home” for Christian missionaries on furlough and, later, other Christian workers.  The mission of Pilgrim Place has expanded to provide quality housing and services for persons who have served in careers in religious or charitable non-profit organizations.  Pilgrim Place welcomes applications for residency from people who wish to reside in a culturally diverse, theologically/intellectually stimulating, ecologically sensitive, personally enriching, and communally active environment, and who fulfill the eligibility requirements as described below.

Staff members are ready to answer your questions and assist you in discerning whether Pilgrim Place is the best place for the next step in your personal journey.  To receive more information about Pilgrim Place or arrange a campus tour, please contact the Admissions Office at 909-399-5504.

Thank you for your interest in Pilgrim Place!

For more information please contact the Director of Admissions Gisele Tackoor at (909) 399-5504.