We look forward to welcoming you soon into this marvelous community of religious or charitable non-profit organizational leaders.

Pilgrim Place seeks to offer housing to persons on the Applicant Housing List that meets their personal needs and desires and, whenever possible, during their desired year of entrance. In general, the following procedure is followed when a housing opportunity is offered to and accepted by an Applicant.

One year prior to desired year of entrance, the Applicant completes the confidential Financial Information Form and returns it to the Pilgrim Place Director of Admission who gives it to the Vice President for Finance for review.  In addition, the Applicant completes the Housing Preference Information Form and returns it to the Pilgrim Place Director of Admission. 

Pilgrim Place also requests a Family Contact Information Form so that children may be invited to special events and receptions on campus.

Approximately six to twelve months prior to receiving a housing offer, the Applicant completes the confidential Medical Information Form and Medical Addendum with their physician.  The physician returns the completed forms to the Pilgrim Place Director of Admission. The Clinic Staff review this Form to determine the Applicant’s ability to live in independent living.

When a housing unit becomes available, Applicants are contacted based on stated housing preferences and financial capacity. Upon receiving a housing offer, the Applicant may either 1. immediately refuse the offer thereby avoiding a “turn down” (only two “turn downs” are permitted before losing rank on the Housing List) or 2. proceed with receiving an information packet about the offered unit. The Applicant schedules an on-campus visit as soon as possible (within two weeks of the offer) to see the unit.

Upon accepting the unit, the Applicant pays the equivalent of one month’s rent plus 10% of the selected Entrance Fee as a deposit. Applicants choose from two Entrance Fee options: either a Non-refundable Entrance Fee (a one-time non-refundable fee based on square footage and amenities of the residential unit) or a Deferred Repayment Entrance Fee (a one-time fee based on a higher rate per square foot and amenities of the residential unit with 90% payable to one’s estate upon reoccupancy of the unit). Information provided on the Financial Information Form determines whether an individual or couple may be eligible for the Month-to-Month entrance option (limited to three households per year). 

Upon paying the deposit, the Applicant meets with Buildings and Grounds staff to make interior selections as described in the Basic Preparations for Houses/Apartments document.

When Buildings and Grounds staff determine that the residence is ready for occupancy, the Applicant signs the Care and Resident Agreement and Privacy Statement, pays the remainder of the Entrance Fee, begins paying the Monthly Fee, and arranges a move-in date. The Entrance Fee must be paid in total by the move-in date. 

Prior to moving into the community, new residents receive a Resident Handbook, and information on beginning their residency on campus and orientation opportunities. New residents are assigned a Mentor, introduced in the dining room, and encouraged to participate in the many campus activities.  In addition to the monthly Pilgrim Place NEWS, each week residents receive a full page of announcements of upcoming events and opportunities for involvement.

Residents in need of storage space may contact local storage companies for more information on rental terms and rates.  Pilgrim Place has very limited storage space for residents.

Future residents may want to explore Pomona Valley Hospital or San Antonio Community Hospital.  Many residents appreciate knowing about Inter Valley Health Plan.

Pilgrim Place's 2014 and 2015 Audited Financial Statements are available here.

For more information about living at Pilgrim Place, please contact:

Gisele Tackoor, Director of Admissions, at 909-399-5504 or gtackoor@pilgrimplace.

We look forward to welcoming you to Pilgrim Place!