Health Services Center

Health Services CenterWhere every day is a good day for residents of Pilgrim Place and the wider community who need long or short-term skilled nursing care, rehabilitative therapies or hospice services.

Catch the Spirit

The Grand Centennial Gala - Celebrating 100 Years! Saturday, March 28, 6 pm at Padua Hills Theatre. Fine food, hosted wine bar, and live entertainment. Tickets are $75 each. Contact Viki Battaglia for more information, (909) 399-5573. Reserve your tickets online.

As a community, we are striving to be ecologically sustainable and to respond to the current Southern California drought. Residents have embraced this “stewardship” challenge and through August Pilgrim Place is using 13% less water than in 2013.

Petterson Museum

Petterson Museumest: SUPERLATIVES IN THE PETTERSON MUSEUM’S COLLECTIONS - In honor of the 100th anniversary year of Pilgrim Place, the Petterson Museum of Intercultural Art will exhibit the largest, the oldest, the smallest, the rarest, the newest, and other superlatives from our extensive international collections. Textiles, ceramics, stone, metal, and other media from every continent will be on display.

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