Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why should I consider retirement at Pilgrim Place?
  2. Who can apply to Pilgrim Place?
  3. Where do new residents move from and what sort of careers did they have?
  4. When can I apply?
  5. Is there an application fee?
  6. I will be ready to retire at the end of this year. Will there be a unit available for me then?
  7. I want to retire in several years. Can I place my name on the Housing List for a future year?
  8. What is the campus and surrounding area like?
  9. What kind of housing do you offer?
  10. Would I own my home/apartment or rent?
  11. May I have a pet at Pilgrim Place?
  12. Tell me about the noon meal in the Dining Room.
  13. Does Pilgrim Place have an Annual Financial Audit?
  14. Are there hospitals nearby? And supplemental medical?

Q. Why should I consider retirement at Pilgrim Place?
A. Pilgrim Place is a licensed Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) for people who value living in an active, spiritually-fulfilling, reflective community, and who have dedicated their lives (locally and globally) as advocates for social change.  Residents at Pilgrim Place demonstrate that elders are a rich social resource and in retirement continue to be leaders for justice, peace and environmental activism.

Q. Who can apply to Pilgrim Place?
A. Pilgrim Place welcomes:

  • Persons who desire to be active contributors in a reflective vibrant community
  • Persons who exemplify genuine care for others
  • Persons who have demonstrated a sustained commitment of service to others through a local or global cause
  • Persons who value living in a diverse and inclusive community
  • Persons age 60 plus
  • Persons who meet the financial requirements
  • Persons who meet the State of California medical review to live independently

Pilgrim Place is open to all such qualified persons regardless of gender, religion, race, ethnicity, national origin, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation.

Q. Where do new residents move from?
A.   New residents move to Pilgrim Place from all across the country and the globe!  Many residents have had international experiences.

Q. When can I apply?
A. Pilgrim Place is open to persons who meet the criteria listed above and who is age 60 years or over.

Q. Is there an application fee?
A. Yes. The non-refundable application fee is $250.

Q. I will be ready to retire at the end of this year. Will there be a residence available for me?
A.   Persons wanting to be considered for immediate housing opportunities should contact the Admissions Office to begin the application process.

Q. I want to retire in a couple of years. Can I place my name on the Housing List for a future year?A. Yes! On your application, you will designate your desired year of entrance to Pilgrim Place. Your name will be placed on that year’s Housing List.  When housing becomes available, it is offered to persons based on their housing preferences and their financial capacity.

Q. What is the campus and surrounding area like?
A. Pilgrim Place is a 32-acre, lushly landscaped campus located in the heart of Claremont, CA. The campus features individual homes and apartments on tree-lined streets. Residents enjoy a spacious dining room, library, reading room, a full-equipped arts studio, aquatic center, exercise room, meeting rooms, and guest rooms.

The Pilgrim Place campus is within walking distance of the Claremont Colleges, Claremont School of Theology, and the Claremont "Village", a charming set of shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and movie theaters. The city of Claremont is nestled at the base of the snow-capped San Gabriel Mountains, within a comfortable driving distance of beaches, hiking trails, and desert areas.  Located just 40 miles from Los Angeles, Pilgrim Place residents enjoy the cultural benefits of this thriving, international city.

Q. What kind of housing do you offer?
A.  Independent Living consists of free-standing homes, duplexes, and apartments. Each unit is unique in design and floor plan, giving Pilgrim Place the feel of a residential neighborhood.  When it is needed persons may transition into assisted living apartments. A skilled nursing facility is also on campus and open to the wider community.

Q. Would I own my home/apartment or rent?
A. Pilgrim Place residents rent their living accommodations. Rent varies depending on the square footage and amenities. (2019 Rates).  Prices are subject to change.)

Q. May I have a pet at Pilgrim Place ?
A. Yes, residents may have pets.

Q. Tell me about the noon meal in Abernethy Dining Room.
A. All independent living residents participate in a noon meal in Abernethy Dining Room.  This delicious meal includes an organic salad bar, hot entree with vegetarian option, and side dishes, beverages, and dessert. Residents are assigned seats in the dining room based on an innovative computer-generated random seating chart.  Residents love the fact that they become familiar with everyone else in the community through regularly sharing a meal and conversation.

Q. Does Pilgrim Place have an Annual Financial Audit?
A. Yes! Copies of the Annual Financial Audit are available from Pilgrim Place's CFO/Vice President for Finance and for reading in the Pilgrim Place Library.

Q. Are there hospitals near by? And supplemental medical?
A. Yes! You may want to explore Pomona Valley Hospital or San Antonio Community Hospital.  Many residents appreciate knowing about Inter Valley Health Plan.


For more information, please contact:

Gisele Tackoor, Director of Admissions, at 909-399-5504 or

Thank you for your interest in Pilgrim Place!