Enrichment Center/Adult Day Program


Support for Frail Elderly and their Caregivers

Thanks to a 10-year partnership with Community Senior Services, Pilgrim Place hosts The Enrichment Center Adult Day Program three days a week at our Health Services Center and Pitzer Lodge.

Unlike the health care model for Adult Day Care, this program does not provide medical oversight or therapeutic intervention of residents but engages individuals with physical and cognitive limitations in a series of supervised activities, including a noon meal, providing some well-deserved "time off" for family members and caregivers. Daily activities are planned to cater to personal interests and cognitive skill levels that include many arts and craft projects, musical entertaining, games, puzzles, horticulture, themed parties and field trips to local places of interest.

Cost of the program is $70 per day (10:00 am to 4:00 pm). Half days (morning or afternoon) are also available for $45 that includes lunch.

For more information about the program, please contact Community Senior Services at (909) 621-9900 and ask for a Family Caregiver Support representative.

President/CEO William Cunitz acknowledges the value of the The Enrichment Center Adult Day Program. "We are pleased to provide this program as it serves as an important resource for the frail elderly in the wider community and to their caregivers, while enhancing the quality of life for many of our own Health Services Center residents who benefit from the activities that keep everyone engaged at their own activity level."

Recent market research indicates that the need for all forms of Adult Day programs will continue to grow in coming years as more and more older adults who cannot or should not be left alone all day and live with working family members. Such programs are a wonderful resource for families as people live longer and care is getting more complicated. It's also widely known that older adults need to get out of the home and interact with others because it increases their quality of life.


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