Pilgrim PlaceEnergy Efficiency Project

Community Partners


Our goals are ambitious and timely:
Pilgrim Place has committed itself to become a comprehensive model for communities willing to plan and implement proven energy retrofit and production solutions. This Southern California retirement community has already begun to invest talent and resources to show communities – especially retirement communities throughout the nation – the practicality and fruits of the energy solutions now available to all.

Please help us reach these goals:
• Retrofit every house, apartment and common-use building on our campus for the best energy efficiency possible. This will eliminate all wasted energy and minimize the need for costly solar PV panels, while dramatically increasing comfort and indoor air quality.

• Establish measurable and predictable levels of energy required for all the energy needs of this 32-acre “neighborhood.”

• Install rooftop solar panels as a sustainable and regenerative resource for the remaining energy needs of the future.

• Track costs, energy data and economies of scale, while using the Pilgrim Place campus as a living, workable demonstration site to educate other communities in California and beyond.

We have already made a significant beginning:
• Pilgrim Place has reduced water use by 50% in four years and constructed three LEED-certified buildings on campus.

• A baseline energy assessment has been completed on all residences on our campus, and to-date 24 are already being retrofitted.

• An Environmental Concerns Committee has been incorporated into the governance of Pilgrim Place, and a resident-staff Energy Retrofit Group is educating all residents and staff, as well as managing the process toward energy-efficiency solutions.

• Pilgrim Place is part of a growing network of Claremont-based organizations focused on environmental education and solutions. Included in this network are Claremont Graduate University; the five Claremont Colleges; Claremont School of Theology; City of Claremont; Sustainable Claremont; and the Claremont Home Energy Retrofit Project.

• Pilgrim Place also participates in regional and national networks dealing with these issues. Included are Leading Age and Aging Services of California; and the National Senior Conservation Corps (Gray is Green).

You can partner with Pilgrim Place in these ways:

Foundation Opportunities:
• to fund a groundbreaking demonstration project addressing fossil fuel consumption and to assist you in fulfilling your mission to help mitigate global warming
• to encourage and participate in replications of this model throughout the nation
• to be associated with a nationally-visible, pioneering venture

Individual Opportunities:
• to provide financial resources to further the vision for a national model of energy efficiency
• to honor or memorialize a family member with whom this project would resonate

Utility Opportunities:
• to significantly reduce peak load and constantly increasing energy demand
• to participate in a large-scale, energy-efficiency education and demonstration project
• to redirect funds into research that addresses energy-efficiency solutions

Non-profit/Community Organization Opportunities:
• to partner in a project with a far-reaching mission
• to use this demonstration project for your educational and organizational efforts

College and University Opportunities:

• to provide student internships and classroom participation in hands-on projects
• to provide collaborative, cross-generational interaction

Retirement Community Opportunities:

• to stabilize and reduce current and future energy costs
• to educate residents, staff and donors about sustainable policies and practices

Manufacturer Opportunities:
• to be associated with a nationally-admired project that will increase brand recognition
• to have product lines visible in a widely-recognized demonstration project

Your involvement is critical.
We are seeking
1. $2 million – from foundation grants or utility offsets
2. Gifts of mechanical equipment and other energy-efficiency or renewable-energy products
3. Active participation from students and faculty – locally, regionally, nationally
4. Ongoing communication with other organizations that have similar missions

Please contact us for further information:

Foundations: Joyce Yarborough, VP for Advancement – jyarborough@pilgrimplace.org

Retirement Communities:William Cunitz, President/CEO – wcunitz@pilgrimplace.org

Colleges/Universities: Paul Minus, Ph.D., Resident Co-chair, Energy Retrofit Group – pminus@aol.com

Utilities & Manufacturers: Devon Hartman,  Principal, Hartman Energy Strategies– devon@hartmanenergystrategies.com