Pilgrim PlaceEnergy Efficiency Project

About the Project

350 seniors at Pilgrim Place are working to make our entire 32-acre campus anenergy-efficient, solar-powered model for communities throughout the nation. We have already started, and now we need your help to bring this initiative to fruition.

The Problem, the Solution, and the Next Step

The Problem: Buildings are the Major CO2Culprit

Buildings are responsible for approximately half of all US energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Building operations alone – heating, cooling, lighting, hot water and the plug load – account for 43% of total CO2 emissions and 77% of total US electricity consumption. To have any real impact on climate change, CO2 emissions in American buildings must be drastically reduced.

The Solution: Local Communities Must Act to Retrofit Existing Buildings
Many energy solutions are proposed today, but the only one proven to be aggressive enough to meet the demanding timelines set by climate-change scientists, while remaining economically and
technically feasible, is the immediate retrofitting of our existing houses and public-use buildings. As McKinsey & Co. has stated, “Energy efficiency offers a vast and low cost energy resource for the US economy – but only if significant and persistent barriers are addressed.” This requires local communities to take steps to deploy existing retrofitting procedures and solar energy technologies. “First reduce, then produce.”

The Next Step: Create a Model of Energy Efficiency for Retirement Communities Across the US
At Pilgrim Place, we recognize the gravity of the world’s environmental and energy crises – as well as the need for local communities to take immediate steps to address these issues. After nearly two decades of work on environmental concerns, we are now launching this new initiative to dramatically reduce our CO2 emissions – and to make our campus a model of energy efficiency.