Education Boxes

A Program of Educational Outreach
Boxes of beautiful treasures from various geographic regions of the world are available to be checked out by teachers and other groups for the purpose of providing a hands-on educational experience for students and group members.

The boxes - with a notebook explaining the contents and their historical or cultural significance, teacher tested lesson plans, and black line masters for duplicating - contain ethnic clothing, textiles, dolls, ceramics, prints and posters, puppets, musical instruments, models and other items. In some cases, docents may be available to accompany the boxes to explain the significance of the items and to assist in the classroom.

Mapuche Shaman's Drum   

Wood, Hide, Horsehair, Twine, Cane, Yarn - Chile, Circa 1940

This drum is an authentic cultrun, or Mapuche Indian ceremonial drum from South-central Chile.

Geographic regions available: (click on country to see listing of box contents)

History Americana
Ancient Cultures
Latin America
Middle East
Native American
Southeast Asia

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