Working Toward a Better World

Social Justice
God Bless the Whole World No Exceptions is a sign that is posted on the Pilgrim Place campus by residents. This slogan succinctly defines the shared moral value of Pilgrim residents as it applies to equity and social justice for all brothers and sisters around the world. Pilgrims are passionate about eliminating the harsh and inhuman conditions caused by unnecessary hunger, inadequate shelter, poor or unavailable healthcare, and political and corporate terrorism that grips so many of our world’s people. To that effect Pilgrim residents take action to elevate the plight of the underprivileged in various ways including providing education and outreach to members of all ages who reside in surrounding communities, participating in local and national groups that take active measures to achieve social justice, volunteering their time for worthy causes, holding weekly peace vigils and by hosting protests against the war every single week without fail. To this end, Pilgrims take very seriously their responsibility to be instruments of God’s peace, justice, and love.

Residents gather at Peace Vigil

Environment Concerns

Pilgrim residents make a concerted effort to walk on God’s earth lightly by being mindful of environmental concerns. Concerned Pilgrim residents profoundly understand it is their duty to ensure that our beautiful world is protected for future generations to enjoy. Pilgrim Place is definitely a “green” campus and many residents are actively involved in the Green Initiative committee designed to educate the community about environmental issues. In the past year, Pilgrim Place has successfully decreased their water usage by over 50%. Likewise, many Pilgrim residents are purchasing environmentally friendly vehicles and are decreasing their carbon emissions by modifying appliances and light bulbs used in their homes.

Many “green thumbed” Pilgrim residents also honor the environment through their gardening efforts.  Avid gardeners routinely sell their organic fruits and vegetables to raise money for the Residents’ Health and Support fund. Many Pilgrim residents are also extremely savvy about composting and have their own composting bins. A group of volunteer residents also take fresh garden flowers to the Health Services Center (HSC) daily and make beautiful arrangements for all HSC residents to enjoy.