Exercise & Athletcs

Pilgrim residents enjoy the physical and mental benefits of exercise at the Aquatic Fitness Center, Exercise Center, and through participation in various athletic groups and activities. Improved health and increased cardiovascular strength is obtained through participation in any of the exercise programs and activities offered on campus.

Aquatics Program
Recreational Water Therapy, Water walking, & Swimming
The Aquatic Fitness Center features a warm water exercise pool for therapy and exercise. The water therapy pool is equipped with chair lifts for individuals who are non-ambulatory. Aquatic classes including water walking and recreational water therapy are offered throughout the week. Free swim is also available at residents’ leisure. Consequently, the facility is open to residents seven days a week.

Exercise Center
The Exercise Center features a wide variety of exercise equipment for increasing your fitness level. Our trainers are available to help you personalize your wellness program. There are weight loaded cable resistance machines for strength training and flexibility work. Elliptical trainers, treadmills, stationary bikes and seated cross trainers for cardiovascular workouts. Body balls, step ups,  raised stretching platforms, hand weights, bands, tubing and foam rollers for toning, improved balance, core strength and agility. Circuit Training classes are available with our trainers leading the residents through timed workout stations. Bodyworks classes incorporate step ups, lunges, tubing, mat work and cardio.

Mat Yoga
One hour yoga classes from gentle to intermediate level are available in the Napier Common Room. Classes are designed and taught by certified instructors. Benefits include: increased flexibility, improved balance, reduced stress, increased endurance, balance, postural alignment, improved breathing and agility.


Chair Yoga
This class is offered in the Pitzer South Lounge as an alternative for residents who may find it difficult to kneel down or sit on the floor. The class is entirely done in chairs by using yoga blocks, resistance bands and small hand weights as tools.


Racewalking is an Olympic sport that can also be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is based on a natural gait, is very fluid, and utilizes the muscles in an efficient fashion. The Pilgrim racewalking group meets once a week at the Pomona College track 1 mile east of the campus.

Tai Chi
Pilgrims meet and lead Tai-Chi practice. Tai-Chi is a type of body movement handed down for centuries in China, and it is currently finding more and more acceptance in the West. Tai-Chi is a cross between martial arts and a slow dance. Movements are performed slowly and gracefully. This exercise is not strenuous. Good posture, deep breathing, and a quiet mind are essential components of this ancient tradition.

The City of Claremont Senior Bike Group meets bi-monthly to plan biking activities. Membership is free and you need not be an experienced biker, just a bicycle rider. Cycling is an ideal sport for those who enjoy the outdoors and cruising through the beautiful local Claremont community and the local mountain areas.

Many Pilgrim residents enjoy year-round golf in beautiful, sunny Southern California. a group of Pilgrim residents meet to tee-off at local Marshall Canyon Golf Course regularly.

A group of energetic Pilgrim Place residents play tennis three times a week at the local Pomona College tennis courts located ½ mile east of campus. Players have varying degrees of experience in this sport. Consequently, any resident interested in Tennis is encouraged to participate regardless of past experience.



Pilgrim Place looks up at Mt. Baldy (10,065 feet above sea level). People from the Midwest travel thousands of miles to vacation in scenery residents enjoy everyday. Within 15 miles of Pilgrim Place area number of mini-vacations you can take on any day of the week and still be back for noon-meal. There are over 6 hiking trails in the Mt. Baldy area that are easily accessible to Pilgrim residents. 

The Horseshoe Players meet weekly, both male and female, to play at the Joslyn Senior Center Courts immediately adjacent to the Pilgrim Place campus.

Roque jokingly referred to as the PhD of Croquet is a sophisticated combination of roquet and pool. This is a terrific way to spend an hour or two almost any afternoon.

About an hour’s drive from Pilgrim Place is the Angeles Crest Forest in Wrightwood where the Pacific Crest Trail provides the perfect environment for snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Downhill skiing is also available in the local San Bernardino Mountains approximately 1 hour east of the campus by car.