Pilgrim Place2010 Annual Report

Honor Roll

Resident Gifts

Alice and Rizek Abusharr
George Aki
Donna and Thomas Ambrogi
Barbara and John Anderson
Betty Jo and Phil Anderson
Ann Appley
Sadaichi and Shizue Asai
Henry and Lucy Treadwell Atkins
Mary Atwood
Ruth Auld
Betty Baker
Emilie Ballard
Charles and Wendy Bayer
Russell Becker
Virginia Bergfalk
Earl and Nijiko Bergh
Donna Blackstock and Annie Wu King
Ruth Blunt
Ruth Borden
Gene Boutilier and Barbara Troxell
Frances Bray
Jackie Brown
Kay and Suzanne Brown
Ruth Brown
Cheryl and Wesley Brown
Helen A. and R. Wallace Brownlee
Harry and Marilyn Brunger
Elden Buck
Marion Burton
William Cadwallader, Jr.
Elizabeth Chambers
Donald and Judith Chatfield
Elizabeth Clarke
Paul Clasper
Barbara and  Kenneth Coates
Jean and John Cobb, Jr.
Alice Cook and Bruce Jones
Edith Cooper
Susan Craig and Bear Ride
William Cundiff
Eloise and Kenneth Dale
Donna Danielson and Larry Schulz 
Robert and Rosemary Davis
Babs and Walter Davis
Donald and Barbara Deer
John and Maxine Denham
Eleanor Dornon
Marcia Doss
Mary Douglas
Gordon and Jane Douglass
Mary and Thomas Duggan
Fern Ebertz
Nancy Edgar
Edward and Marion Eskildsen
Janet and Ronald Evans
Kay Farnham
Judith Favor and Pete Nelson
James and Judith Fiske
Eva Fleischner
Joan Forsberg
Carolyn Francis
Dean and Elsie Freudenberger
Bob and Laura Fukada
Howard Fuller and Polly Gates
Sue Gallagher
Jerry and Mary Jean Gano
Mary Ida Gardner
Frances Genung
Alice Giffin
Dean and Lois Gilliland
Mary Gindhart
Elise Gorges
Ronald and Willie Grable
Ann and Barrie Gray
Louise and Walter Hannum
Elsie Harber
James and Louilyn Hargett
Jane Harmes
Joanna Harrington
Carol and Richard Harris
Ruth Harris and Pat Patterson
Jane and Chris Hartmire
Dorothy Jones Hartzler
Henry Hayden
David Held
Mary Hill
Dorothy Hintz
Eleanore Hire
Dorothea Hobbs
Jeanne Halverson and Dwight Hoelscher
Genie Holmes
Mary Hornberger
Heidi and Joe Hough
Anna and Ken Hougland
Burley and Joyce Howe
Tom and Mary Hubbard
Mary Louise Hunter
Patricia Hynds
Faith and Norman Jackson
Lynn and Steve Jackson
Betty and David Jamieson
John and Lauranne Keester
Lois Riess Kerimis
Ai Ra Kim
Connie Kimos
Carolyn Kingshill
Konrad Kingshill
Paul Kittlaus and Janet Vandevender
Bill and LaVerne Kroehler
James and Joann Lamb
Joyce Lamphere
Lowell Larson
Bill and Jean Lesher
Paul Lewis
T.J. Liggett
Byron and Pat Light
Audrey Lightbody
Janet Linde
Fay Linder
Peg Linnehan
David and Eleanor Loeliger
Carolyn Loper and Leo Marmol
Marie Losh
Dennis MacDonald
Jim and Judy Manley
David and Penelope Mann
Lois and Ward McAfee
Lucia Ann McSpadden
Margaret Shelton Meier
Barbara Mensendiek
Eleanor Scott Meyers
Jean and Paul Minus
Kenneth Mitchell
Beryl and Stanley Moore
Elizabeth and Stan R. Moore
Grace and Richard Moore
Jean Moore
Marjory Moran
Grace and William Moremen
Dale Morgan
John Najarian
Dee and Rupert Nelson
Ernest and Janice Newborn
Virginia Nickerson
Leo Nieto
Judy O'Neill and Pete Sabey
Peter O'Reilly
George and Miriam Olson
Elizabeth Palmer
George and Ruth Parrott
Lou Ann Parsons
Maria Elena Pedroza
John and Ruth Phillips
George and Janyce Pixley
Helen Post
Eleonore Powell
Jeanne Audrey Powers
David and Norma Puntney
Doris Rhoades
Howard and Nancy Rice
Louis Riley
Gesine Robinson
Anne and James Robinson
Maclovia Rodriguez
Barbara and John Rogers
Jean Rosewall
Herman and Rosemary Radford Ruether
Mary Russell
Georgia and Henry Rust
Marilee Scaff
George Schler
Alma Schneider
Audrey Schomer
Sylvia Lo Shen
Eliot and Toni Shimer
Frances Shorrock
Hallam and Yasuko Shorrock
Millie Moser Smith
Anelise and Bob Smith
Patricia and Steven Smith
Carol Sontag
Audrey Sorrento
Connie Stanton
Ken Stephens
Joan Stock
Anne Stokes
Donald Stuart
John Stump
Luverne and Mildred Tengbom
Keith and Linda Tennis
Catherine Thompson
Lois and Rhodes Thompson
Ruth Thomson
June Totten
Anna May and Howard Towne
Glenn and Joyce Trost
Philip Uhlinger
Jean Underwood
Dwight and Linda Vogel
Constance and Donald Waddell
Douglas Wallace
Judith Wallace
Bob and Peggy Wallace
John and Shirley Washington
Duanne Welsch
Tinker Williams
Teresa Wilson
Nancy Wittler
Dickson and Ellen Yagi
Edward and Mary Yonan


President's Circle ($10,000+)  Pacesetters ($5,000 - $9,999)  Pioneers ($2,500 - $4,999)
Pathfinders ($1,000 - $2,499)  Protectors ($500 - $999)  Patrons ($250 - $499)  Friends ($100 - $249)
Members ($1 - $99)  Legacy/Planned Gifts/Endowment Associates  Gifts in Honor  Gifts in Memory
Resident Gifts  Church Gifts