Pilgrim Place2010 Annual Report

2009 Highlights

Seeking a Sustainable World



The solar power
initiative will
generate more
than one million
kilowatt hours







The Year of Solar Power

In 2017 we began the installation of 2,269 photovoltaic panels! Each panel is converting sunlight (photons) to 29.5 watts of power. They are located on many of our common buildings including parts of Pitzer, Abernethy, Porter Hall, Napier, and Pendleton. The remaining panels will be installed on the roof of a new car port structure to be built on Scrooby Lane.

The project will generate MORE than a million kilowatt/ hours annually for many years to come, long years after all the costs were paid off! The total consumption in all the public buildings on campus is currently about two million kW/hours yearly. Future consumption could go down with your diligent energy conservation.

The contractor, Home Performance Matters, has pioneered energy savings at Pilgrim Place for years. From energy retrofi ts (energy audits, planning, insulation, duct work, sealing things up, often new effi cient furnaces and air conditioners) on 75 Pilgrim Place buildings to the installation of effi cient new windows on 24 homes on campus.

We project a minimum 30% reduction in the current electric bill, even before project completion—that is over $112,000 saved, just for starters! The savings will completely pay back the entire capital outlay in less than 9 years!

Pilgrim Place fi nanced this project and put the cash to work ahead of the tax law changes; the panels were bought and delivered before new tariffs on imported panels affected the market and raised prices of both domestic and imported panels.

Power generated will either be inverted and used right away on campus or will serve as a credit against off-campus electricity used by another campus public building.

We are proud to contribute towards clean air and an improved, healthy environment.