Pilgrim Place2010 Annual Report




There are many things that I am grateful for at Pilgrim Place. The wonderful donors who gave so generously during the Centennial year that enabled us to refurbish Porter Hall. After fifteen months of renovations, we will celebrate the reopening this summer.

I am grateful to our Board, residents and staff who worked together to create our first Assisted Living Memory Care Home. The home has been renovated to enable people with dementia to live normal lives while in a protected environment, including a lovely garden with wandering paths. None of this would have been possible without the generous donations we received. The first home will open over the summer and plans for the second home are underway.

The opportunity to refinance our bonds during the year allowed us to further our vision for a sustainable Pilgrim Place. The installation of solar panels on common area buildings will reduce our annual energy costs by almost 50%. Our wireless communication infrastructure will be upgraded as well as all Information Technology systems. Our sustainable landscaping for the campus is also underway.

Personally, I am grateful to have spent the year getting to know the wonderful residents, staff, Board of Directors and our many outside supporters. Together we are making certain that Pilgrim Place, the vision and the values will be here in perpetuity.

Ann R. Schiff, President/CEO