Pilgrim Place2010 Annual Report




In 2016 we refinanced our bonds and borrowed additional money to begin to work on some new projects. One of them was placing solar panels on Pitzer, Porter Hall, Abernethy, Napier, Pendleton and on new parking structures near the Buildings and Grounds service building.

We put out requests for proposals to several firms for installation of the solar panels. We awarded the contract to Home Performance Matters, a local California company that has similar values to Pilgrim Place. We instructed them not to purchase panels from China as our government was already insinuating that heavy tariffs would be placed on those imports. The installation of the solar panels began in 2017 and will be finished by the third quarter of 2018.

This project will generate more than a million kilowatt hours annually for many years to come. We are projecting at least a 30% reduction in electrical costs this year, which is more than $112,000 of savings. Additional reductions in electric bills will occur when all of the panels are up and running and approved by the electric company. The clean air and climate change impact for Pilgrim Place will be substantial. For example, the 432 panels on Decker/Abernethy/Porter decrease the amount of carbon dioxide by 66,000 pounds per year. That is akin to planting 1,660 trees! Pilgrim Place is committed to reducing our carbon foot print now and in the future. Sustainable landscaping has begun and we continue to be vigilant with appropriate water usage. Combined with solar power, we are making our small portion of the planet a better place.

Ann R. Schiff, President/CEO