Activities & Social Groups

Residents’ active role in planning and participating in activities on campus and volunteer involvement in organizations, churches and causes in the greater community is a hallmark of Pilgrim Place.

At Pilgrim Place opportunities for personal enrichment and fulfillment are readily available through a myriad of activities aimed at keeping the mind, body, and soul engaged and strong.

Sampling of Campus Organizations & Activities

  1. Andiron Club
  2. Arts & Crafts
  3. Book Clubs
  4. Bridge
  5. Chaplaincy Program
  6. Chorale
  7. Community Gardens
  8. Doing Theology Group
  9. Environmental Concerns Group
  10. Eucharistic Circle
  11. Health & Welfare Programs
  12. Media Ministry
  13. Musical Groups
  14. Patient Advocacy Program
  15. Peace Vigil Committee
  16. Pilgrims for Social Action
  17. Tours & Day Trips
  18. Play Readers
  19. Saturday Night at the Movies
  20. Scripture & Silence
  21. Scrooby (Social) Club
  22. Stamp Group
  23. Weekly Cable TV Program
  24. Woman's Perspective Forum
  25. World Affairs Forum
  26. Write Group