Who We Are

Pilgrim Place is the collective spirit of those called to careers in religious or charitable non-profit organizations who wish to reside in an intellectually/theologically stimulating, ecologically sensitive, personally active environment. Pilgrim Place is a diverse community of individuals who come to this community to continue on their life-long path of service and outreach while exploring new opportunities for personal growth and learning in a charming, Southern California town.

Pilgrim Place is a community where…  

Pilgrim Place is defined in 320 different ways by the 320 residents who have created a home here. Since 1915 it has been a home to thousands of persons who have served as leaders of religious or charitable non-profit organizations throughout the world, including commissioned or ordained missionaries, ministers, theological seminary faculty, college professors of religion, denominational executives, YMCA/YWCA staff, community organizers, and peace and justice advocates. Serving others is what Pilgrim residents have been called to do. It is what they did in their careers and it’s what they continue to do in “retirement.” This is why such a strong sense of community pervades the entire campus. 

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Pilgrim Place is licensed by the State of California as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC).